04 May 2022 | Blog

It is important to us at Welling to continue working on reducing the carbon footprint and finding environmentally friendly alternatives for the packaging we are sending out each day and finding repurposed uses for different materials.

We are working on reducing our plastic use as many non-degradable plastics are polluting our oceans and countryside, with tonnes of waste accumulating at landfill sites it is important to find an alternative. Bubble wrap film has been layered between fragile items and used to fill voids in boxes but this is not a sustainable material and we have found a new alternative.

Recently at Welling we have purchased a new Optimax OP316 machine that can turn old cardboard into lots of new packaging, creating high-bulk void fill and protective matting material reducing packaging costs along with bringing ecologically benefits.

This is not only helping to reduce our plastic waste with the new cardboard packaging, but the machine is also Energy-efficient with drive technology powered through a frequency inverter.  

As we look at more areas to recycle and repropose materials, we are working with locals who can repurpose our wooden pallets, creating homemade garden furniture to bird feeders and much more.

As we grow at Welling we are continuing to work on our sustainability plans for a brighter future.

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