Euro Profile Cylinders – Matt Bronze

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KTD = Keyed to differ – each cylinder has its unique keys and will not operate other cylinders
CKA13 = Keyed Alike – each cylinder has its own keys, which will operate all cylinders under CKA13 group. This applies across the several finishes in the CKA13 group of the Certus range.
UMK C7 = Under Master Key System 7 – cylinder comes with 3no differ keys unique to that cylinder. When you purchase the C7 master key, this key will operate all UMK cylinders with reference C7. This applies across the several finishes in the Certus C7 master key range.



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SKU Type Stock Price Quantity
image 600.1611.26 Cylinder & Turn – UMK C7 – 60mm (30/30) 80 units £31.50
image 600.1612.26 Cylinder & Turn – UMK C7 – 70mm (35/35) 94 units £33.40
image 600.1613.26 Cylinder & Turn – UMK C7 – 80mm (40/40) 80 units £36.50
image 600.1912.26 Single Cylinder – UMK C7 – 45mm (35/10) 80 units £26.50